Why Jannat

For people who are seeking the goodness of nature and desire to enjoy a sanctuary of healthy food planted organically, Jannat is the place that they will find everything they aspire for. Jannat farms are located on the 62 KM Alexandria-Cairo Road- Rigwa Land on El Wadi El Faregh. The project consists of 222 acres of reclaimed land for agricultural usage. It has already been cultivated and segregated into acres, 12 carats and 6 carats with rest houses providing different spaces. The total number of units are 264 units starting from 1000 m2. One level is the allowed height of built-up area ranging in space between 60 m2 to 180 m2 each floor having a ground floor and a 1st floor starting in total to be 225 m2 to 465 m2. The units are all fully finished and some units are semi-finished based on the customer’s preference. The total built-up area only comprises 2% of the total area of the project abiding by the rules and regulations of the Agricultural Development Authority and the Authority of reclaiming desert lands. The project is equipped with all the infrastructure such as sources of purified drinkable water, drainage system, and communications and network services. Jannat is a fully fortified agricultural resort offering its residents with all the necessary services such as: 24/7 comprehensive maintenance services contracting with a specialized maintenance provider, a 24/7 security service, a mosque, a club and crop management organization. Jannat is a haven for those who seek to relish the beauty of the nature and eat organic fruits and vegetables implanted without the help of chemical fertilizers or artificial methods. The project resides on a high hill which in turn would enable the client to have a panoramic view for each bit of the project from every corner. The availability of the 24/7 security system insinuates the feeling of safety with the desert surrounding. The owners can easily market and sell their products and crops to clients. The existence of a horse track, rural restaurants, animal pharmacy and a club allow Jannat owners to have access of everything they might need catering for their every requirement. The 1st phase of the project has been mostly finished and delivered and the 2nd phase is scheduled to be delivered soon and it is work-in-progress. 40% of the project has been delivered so far.

Photo Gallery

Rural agricultural community fortified by all the modern prerequisites for a healthy lifestyle
Pigeon towers for those who seek to raise what they eat and eat what they raise
Greenhouses for agricultural products
The availability of implanting organic fruits and vegetables without the help of chemical fertilizers or artificial methods
Nature treats for the eyes view in every corner of Jannat
The units are all fully finished and some units are semi-finished based on the customer’s preference

jannat Layout
jannat Map